Learn About Us

Versa is a small and close knit team of creative professionals located in San Diego, California. Never boring and always unique, our makeup is various; some are parents, runners, soccer players, friends, jokesters, and more. We are passionate about partnering with good people and organizations to produce results that inspire on one level or another.

What We Do

We are strategic thinkers. We evaluate your business or project, research your competitors, establish ways to reach new demographics or engage with existing. We help launch new businesses or brands. We listen carefully to your ideas and goals and expound on them. We come up with even more unique ideas so you don’t have to. We are more than just experienced marketers, designers and developers. When you work with us you get a passionate team working to make your business or project a success. Ultimately, we are your partner.

The graphic work we develop for you will be visually stunning and tailor made to your needs, but our services extend far beyond design work. Our custom marketing and content strategies are fashioned to guarantee that what we create for you is positively impacting your brand. From SEO to SEM, Social Media Marketing to Event Marketing, Press Releases to Web Copywriting, we can build a plan for you to get the most out of your work.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t use templates or old web practices. We don’t pass your project off to someone overseas and markup the pricing. We don’t use designers or developers that don’t have degrees, experience and some god given talent mixed in with some sweat equity.

Who We Are

Located in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego, Versa was founded in 2006 when two friends who had already spent a combined 8 years working in website development and design decided it was time to leave the corporate nest. Versa brings together a network of both local and regional talent in graphic design, marketing, multimedia, web development, photography and illustration putting together a talented team of experienced creatives for your next project.

Our Process


Goals, Risks, Vision, Functionality & Audience



Collaborate, Iterate, Wireframes & Visual Design


Fluid, Responsive, Effective San Diego Web Development



Test, Launch, Tweak, & Track Measurable Results

Our Skills


Fancier visual effects, better user interfaces and most importantly, cleaner pages that load faster than ever before.


Everything from animation to apps, music to movies, and can also be used to build incredibly complicated applications that run in your browser.


Cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the scripting of HTML. Used by over 60% of the 10,000 most visited websites and is the most popular JavaScript library in use today.


Probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today.

iOS Development

The world’s most advanced mobile operating system allows developers to create revolutionary mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad.


Enables programmers to create advanced applications that will run on just about any computer. PHP has thousands of programming functions to facilitate almost any task.


Online businesses are migrating rapidly to Magento due to its rich feature set and powerful inbuilt functionalities.


An open source and powerful content management system that is widely adopted, successful, and backed by a community of tens of thousands of professionals around the world.

Ruby On Rails

Accomplish more with less, better structured code. Since code can be re-used changes are easy, making iteration and experimentation painless.

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Versa works with organizations of all types from around the world to create exceptional experiences and solve puzzling problems.