October 26, 2014

5 SEO Tips for Launching a New Website and New Brand

You may feel that you have the perfect search strategy, but there are still more tactics to consider. Here are 5 SEO tips for launching a new website and new brand:

·      As you transition from your former website to new, you can maintain the link equity in which you have invested in already. This is vital for getting your new website to rank quickly. The most effective way to achieve this would be to leave your URLs untouched. However, this is not the most feasible method namely if you make an attempt to improve your URL structure or moving to a new domain.

·      Images are ideal to make your new website engaging and attractive. Unfortunately, search engines have not reached a point yet where they can decode content that is image-based. The use of alt tags can enable search engines to comprehend the meaning of images; this can also be valuable for those who are visually impaired. Alt tags should be vivid and entail the same keywords for which your page aims to rank.

·      External links can enable link authority to your website, while internal links can distribute that particular authority across your website pages. In page copy, there are opportunities for appropriate cross-links; they are typically unheeded during a redesign. Page cop can be an ideal place to link to deeper website pages with anchor text to point to long-tail keywords.

·      Local results have taken a greater standing in the SERPs. Naturally, it depends on your brand; thus, local can be your strategy instead of a tactic. However, there are several purposeful recommendations to consider in combination with your fresh new website launch.

·      A new Google search feature in authorship is expected to increase in relevance over time. AuthorRank is the future of authorship where pages are ranked based on the authority of the writer, as opposed to the authority of the page/website. An investment in authorship can help you not only in the short term, but the long term as well.

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