August 4, 2019

Local SEO

Local SEO is under the umbrella of search engine optimization strategies. It is about enhancing your sites rankings in your targeted local area. It includes a range of tasks including, listing in search engine local directories, registration in business directories, and attracting incoming links from local sources. Here are a few of the SEO methods to concentrate on in order to improve local SEO for your company.

Optimization Methods For Your Local SEO

You can split the optimization methods that go into making SEO Local into two categories. One is on-site, the other is off-site. 

  • On-site SEO methods: These generally refer to strategies that are implemented within web programming language, and appear on the actual website in question. These can include strategies to aid search engines in ranking the website, as well as encourage visits, with higher chances of repeat visits. 
  • Off-site SEO methods: These are any of the SEO strategies that are implemented off-site. By off-site, I mean strategies that are used that incorporate third-party websites. Much of the desired effect of any off-site SEO strategy is to drive traffic to the website. However, some involve enhancing a website’s overall visibility in search results.


“Citations” is a term you will hear frequently in the world of SEO. Understanding what Citations are and how to apply them is very important in your Local SEO quest. Generally speaking they are important for improving the overall search engine ranking of your site.

Citations are essentially data references to your business name, address, telephone or other key information which appears on website pages, other than your own website. Citations are crucial as these are one of Google’s main optimization factors. If implemented properly, citations can be the main factor for your website to be shown or not. For example, if two websites have almost the same SEO scores, the website with the most correct citations will most likely be ranked higher and therefore will be more visible in certain search engine results.


As we all know, reviews play a big part in influencing customers in this digital age, especially in a heavily saturated market. Online reviews are important for a number of reasons, and have significant implications in their ability to affect:

  • Consumers purchasing decisions
  • Your rankings in local search engines
  • Which search results actually gets clicked on

This obviously means that online reviews can be as critical to your local SEO strategy as creating citations and on-site optimization. Utilizing review sites such as Yelp is an easy way to get started.

Google My Business

Google My Business is an essential tool to use if you want to succeed at local SEO. Google My Business puts your accurate business info on Search, Maps and Google+ so that customers can find you on any device. Give customers valuable information, whether that be driving directions to your business in Maps, hours of operations in Search or a phone number they can click to call you on mobile phones. Customers can then show their appreciation with ratings and reviews and even have the ability to re-share your Google+ posts across the web.

Social Media

And last but certainly not least; these days it would be impossible to forget social media as part of your efforts to make your SEO local. SEO and social media are two peas in a pod and here’s why. Social signals are factored into the ranking algorithm and if leveraged correctly these can help to boost search engine rankings. Social media will give you a chance to engage with your customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook also allow reviews and the sharing of your businesses info. Further increasing your business’s legitimate presence on the web.

SEO Strategies At Versa

At Versa, we create an individual SEO strategy for your business to suit your needs. We specialize in using all the above methods, Google Adwords and more to increase your site rankings, boosting your visibility over your competitors, and numerous other benefits. You can find out more information about how we can manage your SEO needs here or by contacting us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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